Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Charles Kennedy

I was rather shocked and quite saddened this morning to turn on my TV only to be confronted by the news that Charles Kennedy had died. I always liked him - he was manifestly a decent and principled guy, and both intelligent and a good communicator.

Indeed, he was probably the single mainstream politician who most closely matched my own political position. He was right about Iraq. He was right that Federalism is probably the only way forward for the UK. And he was clearly concerned with working for a better, fairer country. And indeed it was after the Lib Dems forced him out that they lost my vote (though in fairness, he probably did have to go - tricky beast, politics). And he was also one of very few Lib Dems I was sorry to see lose last month (though, again...).

So thank you, Charles Kennedy. You never knew me, but you certainly made an impact. Rest in Peace.

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